Dogs from Hell

Confuso Episodio

Recuperan rollos de un film inédito, banda local reescribe el soundtrack y luego desaparece con las cintas.

Dogs from Hell es una película de acción ítalo-anglo-uruguaya del año 1972 cuyas copias habían sido extraviadas. Tres cintas fueron redescubiertas entre los bienes de la sucesión de un cinéfilo, quien las tenía envueltas en un papel de regalo dedicado “A Alicia M. con cariño”. Debido al deterioro del audio en las cintas encontradas los Reservoir Songs compusieron una nueva banda de sonido. Pero varios integrantes del grupo y el film restaurado desaparecieron antes del reestreno. Sigue en pág. 14 col.2

La insólita teoría de la banda abducida por el film. pág. 15
Los porqué del silencio de Dr. Incógnito, el Reservoir Songs que reapareció. pág. 15
Todo un truco de marketing. Por Elena L.  pág. 16


Dr. Incógnito, sorprendido en una tienda de licor, evita a la prensa.

La música, prueba y testigo. Tras sospechas de fraude publicitario y cuando muchos comenzaban a dudar de la existencia real del film, la sorpresiva edición del soundtrack confirmó su autenticidad. La banda de sonido original ya está disponible en Compact Disc y en Internet. 

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Dogs from Hell



(In order of appearance)

As Himself

aka Brown



Alicia M.

Danielle M.

The Bartender

Nice Guy

Redneck Phil

Blonde Jr.

Rocco “The Snake” Gimenez

Dr. Incognito

Female Robot Voice

Choo Per-Al

Evil Stewardesses

Sophie Bu

Nelly Andino

Submarine Crew

Freddy Sac

J.J. Müller

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by

Words and Music by aka Brown

Sing and Drive

Performed by aka Brown

Easy Chit-Chat

Performed by Danielle M.
& The Burlettes

Looking at the Sun

Performed by aka Brown,
Nice Guy & Blonde Jr.

Your Yoko Oh No!

Performed by aka Brown,
Nice Guy & Danielle M.

Your French Song

Performed by aka Brown


Performed by Danielle M.

Experience Is a Comb

Performed by aka Brown
by Courtesy of Ringo B. & H. Chinaski

The Ballad of John and Jane Doe

Performed by Danielle M.
& aka Brown

No Moon over Seaside Pines

Performed by Nice Guy
& Blonde Jr.

Surfing the Future

Performed Dr. Incognito

The Fortune Teller

Performed by aka Brown

Dos Notas

Performed by aka Brown
featuring Los Latinísimos Dos

Folding Hearts

Performed by aka Brown
and The People of Nepal

Pictures of a Girl Who’s
Taking Pictures

Performed by Nice Guy


1 Sing and Drive

She likes to sing and drive
And I love to listen to her
Pretty clever girl
Oh my!

And when she picks and plays
A pop tune on the stereo
She will sing out loud and step on the gas
And it’s alright

I lay back and stare
Hoping this will never end
Traffic lights, don’t hold her

She likes to sing and drive
And I love to listen to her
Wicked lovely chick

Whenever she can’t find
A song on the radio
She sings “What I am is what I am”
And it’s alright

I lay back and stare
Hoping this will never end
Traffic lights, don’t hold her

Ride with me
Sing along
Let me tune
In your song
Sing with me
And ever
I will

2 Easy Chit-Chat

I say flowers, you say wine
I say dinner, and you say tonight
I want to embrace you
In this easy chit-chat

I say travel, you say flight
I say Paris, and you say Japan
I’m gonna take us
Where nobody ever gets broken-hearted
I want to embrace you
In this easy chit-chat

I say hello
And though it’s late and we’re apart
I fancy walking on the grass
And feel the warmth
Take your hand
So long
Good night  

I say movies, you say jazz
I say dolphins, and you say sharks

3 Looking at the Sun

I’m looking at the sun
Through my mighty magnifying glass
I’m heating up that stone cold star
While burning every flower around

You, at the gallery, taking pictures of art
Me, down the boulevard, flirting with life
You and me, nobody but us
Little kisses beneath a pale shade of love

I’m looking at the sun
I’m burning you
‘Cause something’s burning in me

You, on the boardwalk, coming from the light
Me, by the riverside, playing with fire
You, me, nobody but us
You, me and my magnifying glass

4 Your Yoko Oh No!

I wanna be your Yoko Ono
I wanna mess with your mind
I’m gonna break your rock’n roll band
Your rock’n roll band

I wanna be your Yoko Ono, oh no!
I’m gonna twist your sense of time
I’m gonna make you fall in love
Fall in love

Yo voy a ser tu Yoko Ono
I’m gonna be your Yoko Ono

Are you gonna be my John?

5 Your French Song

I suddenly woke up
To your French song
The stairs in your window
The light through the blinds

I heard you walk by
Through the kitchen
Your dog by the door
The kettle, the tap

I stayed late that night
Thinking of you
Laid by your side
Digging for words
That you deserve
But don’t long to hear
Believe me
I know
They belong to you
And you need them
Words, I’d love from you 

Words, yada yada

Old fashioned words
Like the world
That were meant and
Grew up for this day 

I watched you come back
With tea in the morning
When I tried to talk
Could only thank you

And then I finally woke up
From your French song 

6 Fantasy

Listen to me!
You’re living a fantasy

You’re coming up now
With your crazy shit
Turning chances into destiny
I’m not your girl
And I ain’t no sugarpie of yours
Just leave me alone
And walk away

It’s all about you
You selfish prick
You’re taking no time to deal with it
I was never your girl
And there’ll be no future for me and you
I’ve told you before
In a thousand ways 

7 Experience Is a Comb

Experience is a comb
And love
Love’s a dog from hell

Till this evening
Father, I’ve never cared
Now my time
Has come too late
Damn late

Found this feeling
Mother, I didn’t learn
Now my love’s
So far away
Long way

8 The Ballad of John and Jane Doe

Because we’re John and Jane Doe
We can share what nobody else knows
We can be close strangers
Careless soul mates
Because we’re John and Jane Doe
We can be hip, smart, brilliantly fun
Cynical, kind,
But we must fear love
Yeah we must fear love
Be close strangers
Careless soulmates
Yes we can play love
But we must fear love

Don’t wanna know your name
You’re just another girl/boy
I will convince myself
You’re just a pretty face/clever guy
That we know nothing Jane/John Doe
But to forget and move on

We can free fall, dive from a sixty feet height
sleep in the wild,

9 No Moon over Seaside Pines

No moon

He left his home, he left his car and left his job back in the city
He left her ghost, he took the road, and faced his fate
Just when a bluebird flying around sat on his shoulder
And told him “Pal, you’re out of luck, you’re going the wrong way.”

Felt there was no moon
No moon 

He felt surprised, he asked him why, he didn’t say and flew off quickly
He tried to run, tried to go back and tried to escape
But when the Greyhound hit the road he thought “It’s over.
I’ll be alright. I’ll take my chance. I’ll keep my way.”

He kept his path, embraced his faith, got off the bus down by the crossroad
Took his guitar, walked down the road towards the sea

Found there was no moon
No moon
Over Seaside Pines

10 Surfing the Future

I come from the future
I come from the future and you shall not [?]

11 The Fortune Teller

     -It was an early summer, It was a warm September…
     -Oh boy, just stop! -The gypsy woman said- Already know your pain, don’t waste your time with words, no use in trying to explain, let’s spread the cards and wait.

     -You know I’m not religious, yet I’m a kind of a believer…
     -That really doesn’t care -The fortune teller said- You’re facing times of change, big money, crowds and fame, world travel far away, some trip you’ll meet your fate. These cards don’t say you’re doomed, In fact you’re being blessed, whatever makes you blue is summoned by yourself.

     -Some people call it love, and I ain’t crazy. Some people call it hope, you gypsy lady. You creepy old woman, I’m not paying your wages for you to tell me I’m wrong, but to put a spell on her. So just put a spell on her! It’s still a torrid April, it’s like an endless summer… Are you saying I don’t miss her? Are you saying I’m a liar? […]

12 Dos Notas

Dios te bendiga mi niña
Y a esas dos notas sin nombre
Esas dos notas que adornan
Tu espalda y hoy son mil canciones
Dios te bendiga mi niña
Y a esos dos ojos marrones 

Será que es bendito el día domingo
Porque un domingo
Nos encontramos
Será que también es tan triste el domingo
Porque otro domingo
Nos hizo a un lado

Dios te bendiga mi niña
Y a esos dos ojos marrones
Esos dos ojos que asoman
A lo que tus labios esconden
Dios te bendiga mi niña
Y a esas dos notas sin nombre

13 Folding Hearts

I can’t give up
trying to figure out
How to travel back in time
Back to that moment
Of deliverance
Your kiss and your smile
Wondering why
I’m still folding hearts

I’m folding hearts for you
My love
And I’ll leave from here forever
Right from the start the moon
And the sun
Were leading us together
You say our time has gone
So I’m gonna build a boat
Name it after you
And sail it to the blue
While folding hearts

I’m folding hearts for you
My love
While I leave from here forever
And now the stars, the moon
And the sun
Have gone for good, forever
This ship set sail for good
But stranded on shore
Waiting like a fool
For tides without a moon
While folding hearts

Fold my heart
Unfold your heart

Let the sun rise and shine forever

14 Pictures of a Girl Who’s Taking Pictures

I remember you
On a Saturday morning
Showing me pictures of a girl
Who’s taking pictures in your mind

I remember you
And that book you were quoting
Telling me beauty isn’t easy
Well I guess whoever said that he was right
But it’s beauty though
As you’re beautiful
So that’s alright

Original Soundtracks Vol. 1

Dogs from Hell – Original Soundtracks Vol. 1.
Letra y música: Paco Estevarena alias Brown.
Producción musical: Jorge Rosso alias Papa Blonde.
Supervisión de textos en inglés: Cecilia Peral.

Reservoir Songs en Dogs from Hell es Daniela Santi alias Danielle M. (voz), Paco Estevarena alias Brown (voz, guitarras, teclados, theremin, trompeta), Maximiliano Volpato alias Nice Guy (voz, guitarras), Felipe Rosso alias Blonde Jr. (voz, guitarras), Ciro Giménez alias Dr. Incógnito (voz, bajo) y Sebastián Vázquez alias Gorlami (batería). Músicos Invitados: Javier Muller (saxofón en 2, 6 y 8), Federico Saccullo (trombón en 2, 6, 7 y 13, voz en 13), Jorge Rosso (piano en 7), Cecilia Peral (voz en 2, 3 y 13), Sofía Buczko (voz en 2 y 13), Delicia Andino (voz en 2 y 13) y Natalia Molina (voz en 13).

Grabado entre diciembre de 2014 y octubre de 2016 en los estudios de Jorge Rosso y Sebastián Vázquez. Piano Rhodes grabado en Estudio Santito. Órganos Hammond, sintetizadores análogos y theremin grabados en estudio La Siesta del Fauno. Masterizado por Andrés Mayo.

Arte de tapa y diseño gráfico: Emiliano Aranguren.
Producción fotográfica: Rubén Villalba.
Asesoría de imagen: Natalia Molina. 

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